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Representing Yourself in Court

You can but should you?

While you can defend yourself in court, it is not recommended. Defending yourself in court can be compared to giving yourself a root canal. Even if you have the technical skills to do the job properly, it still isn’t a good idea because you don’t have the proper perspective.

Many lawyers focus their practice entirely on defending impaired driving charges. These lawyers know the system inside and out. Unlike you, they have the skills and experience necessary to get you the best possible results and also the perspective necessary to assess your case objectively.

You might be shocked to learn how much time an impaired driving lawyer will spend preparing for your trial. A good defence requires hours of detailed preparation and in-depth legal research. You likely have neither the time nor the skills to do this preparation on your own.

In the {city} area, {lawyer} can get you the results that you can’t hope to get on your own. Call {tel} today and take control of your life.

What does a skilled lawyer have to offer?

An experienced impaired driving lawyer has more to offer than just their valuable legal advice about your case. An impaired driving lawyer like {lawyer} can do the following:

  • Provide an objective assessment of your case.
  • Identify the weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case.
  • Identify and evaluate the evidence against you.
  • Determine if there are any defences available to you.
  • Determine if your rights were violated..
  • Argue successfully to have evidence excluded
  • Find relevant evidence and witnesses to support your case.
  • Retain and prepare an expert witness.
  • Prepare for and conduct a trial.
  • Have the charges against you reduced or dismissed.
  • Get you the most lenient sentence possible if you are found guilty or if you decide to plead guilty.

You don’t have the knowledge or experience to do all this for yourself, but luckily {lawyer} does and is available to take your call today.

Won’t I save money by representing myself in court?

It is true that you can save on legal fees by defending yourself in court. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you will come out ahead in the end. The financial consequences of a conviction on an impaired driving charge are significant and can include:

  • Fines.
  • Significantly higher vehicle insurance rates and additional fees for “high risk” drivers.
  • Loss of employment or business opportunities due to time spent in jail, loss of your driver’s licence or having a criminal record.

You are unlikely to obtain the same results that an experienced impaired driving lawyer like {lawyer} can obtain for you. The penalties for an impaired driving conviction can be financially debilitating, which makes hiring a lawyer the more financially responsible choice.

Talk to {lawyer} today and get a trained, knowledgeable professional on your side.

Talk to {lawyer} before pleading guilty.

Even if you intend to plead guilty to the charges against you, you can benefit from speaking with {lawyer} before you enter a plea.  {lawyer} knows how to negotiate with the prosecution to reduce the charges against you and to obtain the best possible sentence in exchange for your guilty plea.

Always speak with a lawyer before you plead guilty. You may have an absolute defence against your charges and not know it.

Given the severity of the consequences of a conviction, you can’t afford not to call {lawyer} today.

Enjoy the advantages of having a trained professional on your side.

Never assume that your case is hopeless. An experienced impaired driving lawyer like {lawyer} has successfully defended others in precisely your position.

{lawyer} will review your case, set out your options and recommend the best course of action for you. You need the objectivity, skill, knowledge and experience of {lawyer} to get the best possible results.  

Make the call today. You will be under no obligation. You have nothing to lose by calling {tel} and setting up a meeting.
Just because you can represent yourself in court doesn’t mean you should. Call {lawyer} today and enjoy all the advantages of having an experienced impaired driving lawyer on your side.