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Charged with impaired driving?

Unlike many lawyers, Mark Wasilyw will not insist that you take a guilty plea. If you are looking for an innovative, creative lawyer with a dynamic courtroom presence and over a decade of criminal law experience to back him up, contact Mark to discuss your case.

Mark will often take difficult cases to trial, arguing new matters aggressively to win when winning seemed impossible. He is an assertive courtroom presence, respected by his peers and judges, with a track record of success.  He focused on criminal law directly out of an award-winning law school career, and has not looked back. Mark additionally holds a Masters Degree in Criminal Law:  he has gone beyond what is required and will do the same for you to obtain the best possible result in your case.

Mark works for his own well-established firm, Bueti, Wasyliw & Associates, where the policy is that no one is turned away. With a sophisticated understanding of the law, Mark is at ease making complex legal arguments, enabling him to prevent convictions that could have been avoided. Impaired driving law is like a deep and muddy pool where it is easy to drown. Mark Wasyliw won’t let that happen. He cares about his clients, people from all walks of life who face charges at all levels of Canadian court. He caters to the Manitoba, North Western Ontario and Saskatchewan areas, including rural locations.

There are huge changes unfolding in impaired driving law:  rights and freedoms are being redefined by the government, who wants more power over the lives of citizens. Mark is a passionate advocate for freedom, fighting every day for what is right. He knows that criminal law is profoundly relevant to real people’s lives, and is committed to working hard to maintain an equitable society. When you are in trouble, you need explanations and choices, and you need someone who can put your decisions into action. Make Mark Wasyliw your navigator, and he will guide you through every step of the process, helping you to see the light and the end of this challenging time in your life.

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