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If You Have Received An Impaired Driving Charge or Immediate Roadside Prohibition in Richmond, or Anywhere in BC, You Need To Speak To Jerry Steele As Soon As Possible

Impaired driving and IRP (Immediate Roadside Prohibition) laws are both very intricate and complicated. They require expert preparation and navigation in order to maneuver through the legal system.  If you have been accused of either of these charges, do not go through this process without a seasoned lawyer on your side.

BC lawyer Jerry Steele has been representing British Columbians for years.  Having studied trial advocacy at Harvard Law School, he is a fierce courtroom adversary who knows all the ins and outs of the legal process and how to use it to your advantage.  Jerry’s experience in both impaired driving and IRP charges is your key to success.  He will assess the situation and provide you with real options at a time where you may feel like you have none.
You may have read about Jeremy, as he successfully challenged the initial IRP legislation and was instrumental in having it struck down.  Also, he is currently challenging the new legislation in the Supreme Court of BC. These challenges, and the expertise he has in the area of IRP’s, have resulted in Jeremy’s clients facing substantially fewer penalties than others convicted of the same charge.

Jerry has a solid record of obtaining excellent results for his clients – even in the face of overwhelming odds. Jerry’s firm was instrumental in challenging past versions of the IRP legislation in British Columbia and is presently challenging the new legislation in the Court of Appeal of BC. Jerry’s advocacy in the area of impaired driving has resulted in his clients receiving substantially lower penalties than others facing the same charge.

If you have been pulled over, your time is running out.  You only have a very limited time to start the procedure for your defence.  With IRP cases you only have 7 days.

Call Jerry and get his expertise working for you today!

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