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There is a great deal of confusion surrounding impaired driving charges. Most lay people find it nearly impossible to navigate the complexities of the law in this area. The law in this area is not only complex but is constantly changing. Further, it is discouraging and frightening to be faced with criminal impaired driving charges. If you are in this situation and are wondering how you will stay afloat, contact Chris MacLeod, a senior lawyer with over twenty-five years of practice behind him. You will thank yourself for getting this seasoned professional on your side.

Chris MacLeod is a Regina lawyer who knows impaired driving law intimately. He has conducted hundreds of cases, and will find defences where it may seem that there are none. He is a true expert in this field, and will give you straight answers about your case, as well as the right information so that you are able to make informed choices about your own defence. The key to success in the courtroom is focus, and the ability of the lawyer to have the facts of a case at his fingertips so that he can use those facts to the best advantage of the client at all times. This requires preparation and persistence. Chris MacLeod knows what it takes to win. He has an in-depth knowledge of impaired driving law won’t let your case get off track.

Chris never forgets that every case is about a real person’s life. In some cases the charges will be dropped prior to going to trial. In some cases a plea to a lesser offence can be negotiated if that is in the client’s best interests, but first and foremost Chris will do his utmost to ensure that you do not lose your license or get a criminal conviction. Chris is an excellent communicator and he can convey your case in the most favourable light to the court. He knows how vital good organization is, and works diligently to keep on top of all procedures and applications that might be applicable to your case. 

Chris handles only criminal law and related cases and his specialty is impaired driving law. When you are facing these charges and don’t know which way to turn, call the MacLeod Law Office, and ask for Chris.  Tell him your story free of charge. If you decide to proceed he will assess the case against you and will give you a realistic overview of what you can expect. Now is the time to get help. Call Chris today.  ?

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