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Nick Cake works as part of an elite Criminal Defense team at Millars Law in London Ontario and services a wide region from London, Sarnia, Chatham, St Thomas and Stratford. The Millars Law Criminal Defense team is made up of former Assistant Crown Attorneys who combine their expertise to ensure each file gets the best defense possible in SW Ontario.    

Nick Cake is a former assistant Crown Attorney, and his no stranger to the courtroom.  As an Ex-Prosecutor he is fearless when dealing with his old colleagues. He knows their strategies and vulnerabilities and he lets nothing get in the way of ensuring you get the best defense possible.     In the last ten years changes to the law have drastically altered the landscape of Impaired Driving charges. 

You need a lawyer who is aggressive in the courtroom and who also has the capacity to argue complex Charter of Rights Applications.  Nick is that lawyer.  He knows exactly what the Crown is going to argue and he knows exactly how to respond to get you the acquittal you need to protect your family, your career and your reputation.    

Nick is addicted to the law and loves attending top level seminars on the topic of impairment by alcohol and drugs as it related to driving. Hiring the right lawyer when you are charged with Impaired Driving could be one of the most important decisions of your life.    

You need someone who takes the time to listen, who knows the law and who isn't afraid of a fight. 

You need Nick Cake.

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“I was charged with something I did not do and the incident was used against me at work. I went to a prominent local lawyer. He told me I had to pleas guilty no choice as I would lose. After paying him $3000I realized I needed a second opinion. I found Phillip on the web, read his site and after meeting him decided to take my chances with a trial. I cannot explain how overjoyed I was to be found not guilty. Phillip ruled in the courtroom. He didn’t just accept what the officer said happened. He researched it, challenged it and ripped apart his testimony on the stand. I cannot thank Phil enough for believing in me and saving my life. His dedication and skill is unparalleled.”


“I was found guilty of something I didn’t do, but my lawyer suggested I simply accept it. A friend recommend I speak to Phillip Millar. Phillip was shocked by the trial and what happened to me. He said it was hard to appeal and carefully explained all the risks. I felt that he was honest and not trying to take my money. In the end was won out appeal. I feel so vindicated. My perspective on the justice system has changed. If indeed you are looking for justice you need someone like Phillip.”


“Nick Cake took my impaired driving case when two other lawyers said I had no chance and should plead guilty. Nick immediately came up with a plan and said it would be a fight but we could win. What I loved about him was his perseverance and willingness to fight for me. The judge in our case even complimented him on his reasoning. After my charges were dismissed I learned 2 very important lessons. The first was to never to drink and drive. The second is Nick is a good guy to know.”


“I felt safe know that I had Phil and Nick on my side, I was terrified my life would be ruined by these charges, they made me feel like it would be OK, more than that they actually fought for me and won my case where others said it would be impossible. I am forever grateful and will never be in this situation again.”


“I saw Nick Cake in court and he was the prosecutor. I remember saying to myself “I hope he never prosecutes my case”. Boy was I pleased when I heard I could hire him to work on my side. It was the right decision and he got my charges dropped within weeks. It is nice to know there is someone who cares and is willing to fight hard for his clients’ lives.”