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If you've been charged with impaired driving in Lethbridge,Tyson Dahlem is the impaired driving lawyer you need to speak to.

All it takes is a moment’s lapse of attention or one bad decision after a party, and you can find yourself about to be crushed by the strong arms of the law.  They want to see immediate license suspension and other extreme punishments that can cause social hardships. Standing alone you are an easy target for them to attack, because you don’t know the law.  You also don’t know that many cases are un-provable in court, but all they need is for you to plead guilty.  Stop! Don’t do this alone.  You need a professional impaired driving lawyer, who knows how to handle your case and get your license back.

Alberta Defense Lawyer, Tyson Dahlem, has extensive experience and knowledge regarding impaired driving charges.  He has been exclusively dealing with criminal defense since 2007 and is prepared for all cases that come his way.  He believes that cases are won and lost in the office, so he ensures that he puts in hard work ahead of time and always stay on top of the situation.

Tyson graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 2001 and then joined the Law Society of Alberta in 2004.  He hails from a family of lawyers and has been immersed in law since a child. Tyson’s legal background has exposed him to large cases, which has strengthened his ability to manage and review his cases files meticulously.  He is also one of the few bilingual lawyers in Alberta, who is able to fully prepare and presenta courtroom trial in French or English.

Impaired driving cases can get complicated and it is important to have case specific knowledge on your side.  Tyson keeps himself up to date on relevant topics that are beneficial to his clients, such as studying the science of the intoxilyzer devices used by the police officers, in order to use it against them.

Working with Tyson will allow you to feel confident that your case is being handled correctly. He will commit to always doing his very best for you, to advise you of the process and to be honest with your situation.  He cares about the results.  Give Tyson Dahlem the chance to review your file and to work hard for you.  Don’t wait. Call today.

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