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If you've been charged with impaired driving in Langley or anywhere else in the Fraser Valley, Craig Sicotte is the criminal defence lawyer you need to speak to.

An Impaired Driving charge is the most common criminal offence, according to the Canadian Safety Foundation, and 30 percent of these cases do not lead to convictions in Canada.  Impaired Driving charges are not convictions, and having an experienced lawyer review your case, can help to put the odds back in your favor.

Craig Sicotte understands that the impaired driving law is extremely technical and circumstantial.  He attributes his numerous successes to his specialized knowledge in this field, as well as his ability to find the defenses in any given file.  He won his first impaired driving case during his second year of law school and has continued effectively representing local Langley residents for the past 19 years.
This highly motivated and approachable lawyer is not afraid to work hard for you.  He is dedicated to achieving the best possible results in your case, and will be forthright and honest when discussing your situation and the possible outcomes with you.  

Mr. Sicotte has been a Criminal Defense lawyer locally since 1992 and has been able to successfully establish a reputation as a highly credible attorney with a steadfast determination to win.  When there is a defense available, trust Mr. Sicotte to work hard for you to obtain the desired result.

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