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Impaired driving? Driving under the influence? Refusing the Breathalyzer?

The penalty for a conviction for these offences can be severe.  Depending on the charge and the facts, the Court may sentence you to pay a fine, complete a probation order, or even serve a prison sentence. The effects of a conviction for a criminal impaired driving offence are immeasurable, and go beyond the Court Room.   Don’t face it alone.  You need Pat Atherton now.

Mr. Atherton has been practicing law in Halifax for 14 years and is highly accomplished with impaired driving cases and the technical areas involved.  His experience has given him a powerful working knowledge of the procedures to follow and the various defenses that can be raised.  He has worked with several toxicologists and is well verse in police procedures, as well as the operation of the Breathalyzer, and many other important issues relevant to the laws of Nova Scotia.

Don’t plead guilty until you know your rights.  Let Mr. Atherton examine the evidence to determine if there are any legal defenses to the charges against you.  He will handle this potentially embarrassing and confusing situation discreetly and quietly on your behalf

If you want to get the best possible results for your case call Mr. Atherton now and rest easy.

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