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It takes a skilled eye to beat a DUI.

You might think your case is over as soon as you’ve blown. But to Shayan Shaffie, that’s only the beginning.

Shayan is a staunch, intelligent, energetic defence attorney who doesn’t rest until every nook and cranny of his clients’ case has been carefully explored. A graduate of the University of Toronto law school, he studied with the best and brightest criminal lawyers and volunteered at at local legal clinics before launching his career as an Assistant Crown Attorney in Hamilton.

After several years, Shayan’s passion for criminal justice led him to establish Shaffie Law, an exclusive criminal defence boutique based in downtown Toronto. Today, Shayan enjoys an exceptional success rate winning DUI cases. Nearly half of all his cases are either won at trial or resolved through an alternate or lesser charge that does not involve a criminal record.

Experience sets him apart. Having worked on both sides of the aisle, Shayan has the unique ability to think like a prosecutor – spotting critical legal issues in advance, developing effective trial strategies, and capitalizing on oversights that is often the difference between a win and a loss.

Throughout the process, Shayan works closely with each client, creating a litigation approach that maximizes effectiveness without sacrificing transparency or cost-effectiveness.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a drinking and driving offence, call Shayan Shaffie today.

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