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If you have been pulled over for impaired driving there are a few things you must do.  First, do not refuse the sobriety test since it is a criminal offense to do so without just cause, and second, call a lawyer. Regardless of the results of the sobriety test, It would be foolish to plead guilty until your case has been thoroughly reviewed by an experience lawyer.  Even cases that at first blush seem hopeless could have a glimmer of light in the hands of a proficient lawyer, who knows the law and how to analyze a file.

Eric Sutton is a defense lawyer who practices criminal law exclusively.  He has worked numerous impaired driving cases over the years and has, on many occasions, achieved successful conclusions despite difficult and daunting evidence.  With full disclosure of your case, he will use his experience, work ethic, and analytical skills to ensure that every avenue is explored, starting with the road to acquittal.

Mr. Sutton, who is a member of various legal associations, believes hard work and dedication to his clients are essential to ensuring that the best possible outcome is attained.

A competent and motivated attorney is essential to ensure you receive a fair shake when dealing with the criminal justice system.  Eric Sutton will strive to develop a defense strategy that will help achieve the best result possible for your case, and will explore any and all issues that may arise in an effort to work them in your favor.

If you want Mr. Sutton to review your case and fully analyze the situation, contact him today.

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