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Charged with Impaired Driving? You need to talk to a good DUI Lawyer before pleading guilty.

Essential Information for Those Charged With Impaired Driving or DUI 

Have you been charged with impaired driving, which is often referred to as driving under the influence or DUI?  If so, you are facing more than just the suspension of your driver’s licence. 

A criminal record can affect your ability to work and travel.  You are facing significant fines and possible jail time.  Even once the suspension of your driver’s licence is lifted, you may find that your insurance rates are prohibitively high, preventing you from driving. 

Canadian impaired driving statistics indicate that impaired driving is the number one cause of criminal death in Canada.  For this reason, penalties for impaired driving are becoming increasingly harsher.

If you are facing impaired driving charges, it is essential that you fully understand all of the penalties and consequences before entering your plea. 

Our lawyer search will help you find impaired driving lawyers in your area who specialize in defending people like you who have been charged with impaired driving offences.

What is impaired driving?  What is DUI?

Pursuant to the Criminal Code of Canada impaired driving is a criminal offence that occurs when a driver operates a vehicle while his or her ability to do so is impaired by the use of alcohol or drugs. DUI is simply a colloquial term for the same offence.  Your experienced DUI lawyer will most likely use the term impaired driving. 

A distinct but related charge is “driving over .08”, which means you were driving with over 80 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood.  Other related charges include the following:

  • Refusing to provide a breath sample
  • Impaired driving causing death or bodily harm
  • Diving over .08 causing death or bodily harm

Our impaired driving lawyers can help you if you are facing a charge of driving over .08 or any charges related to impaired driving in Canada.

Get help from an experienced impaired driving lawyer

Facing DUI charges is stressful, but you don’t have time to be paralyzed by stress.  Fortunately, you don’t have to go through this process alone. There’s help and there’s hope®. Our knowledgeable DUI lawyers can help you by explaining and walking you through the following:

  • Impaired driving charges are difficult to prove, and it is the prosecution’s job to prove that you are guilty. 
  • You may have a defence that will cause your charges to be dismissed, even though it may not be apparent to you.
  • Even without a defence, you may be able to negotiate a plea to a lesser offence.  A lawyer will know which prosecutor to approach and when to do so.
  • If you do proceed to trial, a lawyer’s expertise and training will be crucial to preparing for and conducting the trial.

You should never plead guilty® until an impaired driving lawyer has reviewed your case.

How our local impaired driving lawyers can help you

Using our search box, located above the video screen, you can find an experienced impaired driving lawyer in your city.  You can arrange to meet with this lawyer to discuss your case.  Finding a lawyer in your city can be advantageous as this lawyer will be familiar with all of the local laws and procedures. 

For example, impaired driving lawyers working in Vancouver will be familiar with the following, which are essential to obtaining the best outcome for you if you were charged with impaired driving in Vancouver:

  • BC impaired driving laws
  • BC cases similar to yours that might have a bearing on your trial
  • The Vancouver courthouse procedures, judges and prosecutors.

Critical steps to take when facing an impaired driving charge

If you are facing an impaired driving charge, you must take these essential steps:

  • Know your impaired driving facts.  Review this website and watch the videos.  This is definitely a situation in which knowledge is power.
  • Acknowledge that you need to act now.  Your situation is not hopeless but your impaired driving charge will not go away without help.  You’d be surprised how often an impaired driving lawyer is able to help.
  • Use our search box to locate a lawyer in your area who specializes in defending people from impaired driving charges.
  • See your lawyer as soon as possible.

Never assume that the case against you can be proved.  Even if the police told you that you failed the breath test, do not plead guilty before you consult a lawyer and find out if the charges against you can be dismissed or reduced.

The decisions you make today can affect you for the rest of your life.  Take action now.  Our lawyers can help you deal with your impaired driving or DUI charges.

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Impaired Driving Information Videos

Never Plead Guilty.

Find out your options before you enter your plea.

How can a lawyer help you?

An impaired driving lawyer can help more than most people think.

Can I represent myself?

Legally, yes, you can represent yourself. But it is not recommended.

When should you speak to a lawyer?

It is best to consult with an impaired driving lawyer as early in the process as possible.

Can your charges be dismissed?

Getting your impaired driving charges dismissed/reduced.

Plea Bargaining

It's possible to have your charges reduced.


They know the law. You don't!


Saying the right thing to the right judge is critical.

Legal Fees

To pick up the phone and call us costs absolutely nothing, and you should make that call right now.

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What is impaired driving?

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