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Edmonton DUI Charge? Let Kent Haryett help you!

DUI charges in Edmonton can be beaten!

Just because you've been charged with DUI (driving under the influence), that doesn't mean you'll be convicted. Our Edmonton DUI lawyer knows that, and knows how to help you.

DUI and DWI (driving while impaired or intoxicated) are different terms for the charge of "impaired driving". No matter what you call it, if you're convicted you're facing serious consequences. But don't give up hope.

You should know that 30% of all DUI charges that are laid in Canada go unproven. That number would probably be higher, but too many people simply plead guilty without ever talking to a DUI lawyer. Don't make that mistake. Have your case reviewed by by our Edmonton DUI lawyer before you enter your plea.

Don't make assumptions about your case.

Never assume that you'll be convicted. You might be thinking that DUI cases are cut and dried. They're not.

DUI is a criminal charge. And, like any other crime, you're presumed innocent until you're proven guilty. The prosecution may not be able to prove the case against you. Find out if that's the case before you enter your plea. How can that happen?

DUI laws are complex There are hundreds of rules and procedures that the police and the prosecutors must follow in order to prove their case. Sometimes they can't, and when they can't the charges must be dismissed. And even if the case can be proven, you might have a defence.

There are many defences to DUI charges, and you need to find out if one applies to you and your case. Don't assume that you don't have a defence. Something that might seem insignificant to you could be the very thing that keeps you from being convicted.

Get advice from our Edmonton impaired driving lawyer.

Get the opinion of a lawyer who practices impaired driving law in Edmonton.

While impaired driving is a criminal offence (and the Criminal Code applies all across Canada), each province deals with impaired driving charges in their own way. A lawyer who practices law in Edmonton will have the knowledge you need if you've been charged anywhere in the province.

Should you enter plea negotiations?

Sometimes it's best to try and enter into a "plea bargain". You're lawyer can tell you if this is the case after a careful review of your file.

Our Edmonton DUI lawyer knows whom to talk to and how best to present your case to them. Keep in mind that prosecutors and judges are human too. Our lawyer knows which prosecutors are open to discussion, and which ones are not.

The same can be said of judges. A good DUI lawyer will know what judges like to hear, and what should never be said in front of them. That's a very powerful tool that a layman doesn't possess.

Call now!

Don't wait to call. What happens now, at the beginning of your case, can have a huge impact on what happens later. Picking up the phone and calling an impaired driving lawyer costs you nothing, so don't wait. Call now!

The bottom line

Find out if you can keep your drivers licence, or avoid a criminal record. You'll learn your options and you'll be able to make an informed decision. But do this before you go to court and enter your plea.

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